Argentinian Journal of
Applied Linguistics


Vol. 08, No. 02 (November 2020)

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Table of Contents
Editorial introduction PDF
María Susana Ibáñez and Flavia Bonadeo 6-7
Special Issue articles
Comprehensive Sexuality Education Activities in the EFL Lesson through Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) PDF
Silvana Paola Accardo 8-19
Winning a cooperative online vocabulary learning tournament: Teamwork strategies applied by Ecuadorian teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
Sara Karina Cherres Fajardo, Valeria Alexandra Chumbi Landy and Carmen Elena Morales Jácome 20-40
Regular original articles
The cross-linguistic ability to classify content words in L1 Spanish and FL English of undergraduates at Universidad Católica Argentina PDF
Florencia Beltramino 41-61
Extensive Listening-while-reading: A Case Study applying the Minimalist Approach PDF
Divya John 62-77
Bringing pronunciation back into the ESL/EFL classroom: Current research trends and recommendations for teachers and teacher trainers PDF
Germán Zárate-Sández 78-94
Academic event report
Conversaciones Sobre Lenguas Extranjeras: A Cycle of Interviews to Foreign Language Teaching Specialists in the Southern Cone PDF
Griselda Beacon 95-98
ACPI Symposium: On Challenges and Opportunities: Emergency Remote Teaching PDF
Ana Cad and Yanina Caffaratti 99-102
Discussing ELT with... Instagram livestream sessions as an opportunity to reflect in times of coronavirus PDF
Carolina Clerici and Cristian Dopazzo 103-106

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