Argentinian Journal of
Applied Linguistics


Vol. 07, No. 01 (May 2019)

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Table of Contents
Editorial introductions PDF
Cristina Calle Martínez, Beatriz Sedano Cuevas, Jesús García Laborda, Darío Luis Banegas and María Susana Ibáñez 5-7
Special Issue articles
Profiling specialized web corpus qualities: A progress report on "Domainhood" PDF
Marina Santini, Wiktor Strandqvist and Arne Jönsson 8-26
Extraction of terms for the construction of semantic frames for named bays PDF
Juan Rojas-Garcia and Pamela Faber 27-57
Remote Healthcare Interpreting: a methodology to investigate quality PDF
Esther de Boe 58-78
Multilingualism 2.0: language policies and the use of online translation tools on global platforms PDF
Irene Cenni 79-92
Validating multilingual hybrid automatic term extraction for search engine optimisation: the use case of EBM-GUIDELINES PDF
Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Véronique Hoste, Joost Buysschaert, Robert Vander Stichele, Elise Van Campen and Els Lefever 93-108
High-density knowledge rich contexts PDF
Pilar León-Araúz and Arianne Reimerink 109-130
Regular original articles
Grammatical metaphor at tertiary level: Rise, development, and implications revisited PDF
Eka Fadilah and Mirjam Anugerahwati 131-143
Video segments: A valuable tool for teaching English phonological processes PDF
Bettiana Andrea Blázquez 144-163
EAP in multi-discipline classes: An experience PDF
Florencia Beltramino 164-171
Book reviews
Children and teachers as co-researchers:A handbook of activities PDF
Agustina Paniagua 172-174
A handbook for exploratory action research PDF
Cintia Vanesa Alderete 175-177
Developing as an EFL researcher: Stories from the field PDF
Jimena Ferrario 178-180
International perspectives on teaching the four skills in ELT: Listening, speaking, reading, writing PDF
Carla Florencia Lescano 181-183
A handbook for exploratory action research PDF
Mariana Serra 184-185

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